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Jiro dreams of sushi, (2011)

A documentary film, which involves around the life of the world’s best sushi chef, Jiro Ono. Although he is in his 90’s he’s is still working with great passion and as he claims, he will never stop doing so. His devotion has rightfully earned himself 3 Michelin stars. The film has very good aesthetics and a good direction with high-definition close-ups. It successfully depicts the whole process of making sushi from the selection of the finest ingredients in the Tsukiji market, Tokyo, to the preparation in the kitchen of Jiro’s small restaurant located in the Ginza metro station. Jiro is making a live performance in front of the customers’ eyes, as they get to watch the whole process of preparing each course of the meal. Jiro draws a parallel between setting up and orchestrating a symphony.

Watching this movie will definitely make you want to eat a lot of sushi!

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